International Explosives Conference


22nd June to 24th June 2022

Victory Services Club, Marble Arch, London, UK

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"Future Developments in Explosives and other Energetics"

An international conference on the fundamental science of explosives and other energetic materials.

This 1st International Explosives Conference (IEC-2022) is for all professionals involved in the fundamental science of explosives and energetic materials.

The focus of the conference is future developments and the principal themes for this inaugural event include (but are not limited to):

  • Energetic Materials and Characterisation
  • Manufacturing and Processing
  • Response to Stimuli
  • Advances in Experimental Techniques and Diagnostics
  • Theory, Modelling and Simulation

If you are interested in the science that underpins deeper understanding of explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, gas generators, this is the event for your consideration. We invite all, from early careers through to subject matter experts, to be involved in the following ways:

By design the event is unclassified with a view to generating a truly international mix of speakers and delegates. With opportunities for networking, discussing and debating all things energetics, be sure to book your place at the event.

Record of proceedings will be published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.


We are delighted to acknowledge sponsorship by the UK's Atomic Weapons Establishment and Defence Science and Technology Laboratory.


We are delighted the following exhibitors are attending and supporting the conference.

Thermal Vision Research
Institute of Explosive Engineers
Resodyn Acoustic Mixers

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Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Professor Yogi Gupta

Professor Yogi Gupta

Washington State University

Dr Jesse Sabatini

Dr Jesse Sabatini

US Army Futures Command

Dr William Proud

Dr William Proud

Imperial College London


Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Time Activity
0900 - 1000 Registration & Coffee
1000 – 1010 Facilitation & Welcome
Nick Lindley, Symposia at Shrivenham
Carisbroke Hall
1010 - 1020 Opening Address
Professor Jackie Akhavan, Cranfield University
Session 1: Manufacturing & Processing
Session Chair: Professor Jacqueline Akhavan
1020 - 1100 Opening Keynote
Dr Jesse Sabatini, US Army Futures Command
1100 – 1120 Additive Manufacture of Energetic Materials: Printer Adaptation Testing
Katherine Woodcock, Dstl
1120 – 1140 Detonation Properties of Additively Manufactured RDX: Dry Powder Printed
Christine McGee, Cranfield University
1140 – 1210 Morning Tea & Coffee
El Alamein & Trafalgar Rooms
View Poster Displays Carisbroke Balcony
1210 - 1230 TBC
1230 - 1250 Primary Explosive Processing in the Resonant Acoustic Mixer
Dr Eric Beckel, US Army
1250 - 1400 Lunch
El Alamein & Trafalgar Rooms
View Poster Displays Carisbroke Balcony
Session 2: Advances in Experimental Techniques and Diagnostics
Session Chair: Dr Justin Fellows
1400 - 1420 Measurement of surface energies in binder systems for polymer bonded explosives (PBX)
Michael O’Donnell, Cambridge University
1420 – 1440 Application of continuous velocity of detonation diagnostics to PE4 cylinder tests
Ben Sutton. AWE
1440 - 1500 Energetic Materials Based on Nanoporous Carbon
Dr Romuald Van Riet, Royal Military Academy, Belgium
1500 - 1520 Simple Explosive Plane Wave Booster Used to Experimentally Investigate Shock Initiation Properties of Explosives
Anne F Haslam, US Navy
1520 – 1550 Afternoon Tea & Coffee
El Alamein & Trafalgar Rooms
View Poster Displays Carisbroke Balcony
1550 - 1610 On the properties of detonating compositions prepared from submicron KClO4 and TiH2
Cedric Schwartz, ISL (via Zoom)
1610 - 1630 Optical method for pressure and temperature measurements in deflagration
Dr David Williamson, Cambridge University
1630 - 1650 Estimating an enclosure temperature during solid propellant fires
Dr Frederick Paquet, General Dymanics
1650 - 1710 Spatially Resolved Detonation Pressure Data from Rate Sticks
D J Thomas, B Sutton, J Ferguson, and E Price, AWE
1710 - 1750 Afternoon Keynote
Professor Yogi Gupta, Washington State University, USA (via Zoom)
1750 - 1900 Drinks Reception
El Alamein & Trafalgar Rooms

Thursday 23rd June 2022

Time Activity
0830-0900 Arrival and Refreshments
0900 - 0905 Admin Notices
Nick Lindley, Symposia at Shrivenham
Carisbroke Hall
Session 3: Energetic Materials and Characterisations
Session Chair: Mr Phil Cheese
0905 - 0945 Keynote
Dr Ernst-Christian Koch, Lutradyn Energetic Materials Science & Technology
0945 - 1005 Characterization of Trace Compounds in TATB
Dr Keith Coffee, LLNL
1005 - 1025 Title TBA
Tobias Lenz, University Muechen
1025 - 1045 Crystal Structure and Characterization of the Well-Known Plasticizers Ethylene Glycol Dinitrate, Diethylene Glycol Dinitrate and Triethylene Glycol Dinitrate
Jasmin Lechner, University of Muenchen
1045 - 1115 Morning Tea & Coffee
El Alamein & Trafalgar
View Poster Displays Carisbroke Balcony
1115 - 1135 From Spray Flash Evaporation to Spray Flash Synthesis: New Opportunities for Defence Materials
Dr Denis Spitzer, NS3E Research Laboratory (via Zoom)
1135 - 1155 The applicability of Time Temperature Superposition to PBX damage evolution
Kieran Heal, Cambridge University
1155 - 1215 Future developments in the analysis of energetic materials
Ruth Pettifer, QinetiQ
1215 - 1235 Chemistry of Aminated 5-Azidotetrazoles: How to make Sensitive Materials even more Sensitive
Maximillian Benz, University of Muenchen
1235 - 1345 Lunch
El Alamein & Trafalgar Rooms
View Poster Displays Carisbroke Balcony
Session 4: Responses to Stimuli
Session Chair: Professor John Curtis
1345 - 1405 Synthesising Sensitivity Testing and Critical Initiation Criterion
Matthew Maisey, AWE
1405 - 1425 Investigating XDT in rocket propellant
Dr Peter Gould, QinetiQ
1425 - 1500 Afternoon Tea & Coffee
El Alamein & Trafalgar Rooms
View Poster Displays Carisbroke Balcony
1500 - 1525 Title TBA
Mark Whittaker, Dstl
1525 - 1545 The response of bulk density samples of energetic materials to a range of electrostatic discharge (ESD) environments
Douglas Kirkpatrick, QinetiQ
1545 - 1630 EARLY CAREERS
1630 Pre Dinner Brief
1900 Dinner

Friday 24th June 2022

Time Activity
0830-0900 Arrival and Refreshments
0900 - 0905 Admin Notices
Nick Lindley, Symposia at Shrivenham
Carisbroke Hall
Session 5: Theory, Modelling & Simulation
Session Chair: Professor Ian Wallace
0905 – 0945 Keynote
Dr Bill Proud, Imperial College London
0945 - 1005 Modelling and Efficient FEM for Thermo-Mechanical Problems in High Explosives
Kieren Quaine, Heriot-Watt University
1005 - 1025 Pinch of a Confined Hollow Explosive Cylinder Containing Air
Professor John Curtis, AWE
1025 - 1045 Title TBA
Dr Simone Falco, Oxford University
1045 - 1115 Morning Tea & Coffee
El Alamein & Trafalgar
1115 - 1135 The role of pressure-dependent viscoplasticity and volumetric dilatation in energetic materials at intermediate strain rates
Dr Judith Brown, Sandia National
1135 - 1155 Assessment of the Constant Shock-velocity Assumption used in the Analysis of One-dimensional Overdriven Detonation Gas-gun Experiments
Thomas Scott, AWE
1155 - 1210 Awards & Presentations
1210 - 1220 Closing Address
1230 - 1330 DEPART

Key Dates

31 March 2022: Early Bird registration ends.

31 May 2022: Deadline for submission of the full papers for inclusion in the record of proceedings published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

22 June 2022: Start of the International Explosives Conference 2022

Editorial committee

Professor Jackie Akhavan Cranfield University
Dr Peter Portius Sheffield University
Dr William Proud Imperial College London
Professor Colin Pulham Edinburgh University
Professor Andy Tyas Sheffield University
Dr David Williamson Cambridge University

Costs and Concessions


Delegate after 1st April 2022: £550

Students and Early Careers: £200


A limited number of bursaries are available to postgraduate research students and those in the first ten years of their career.
Bursaries will only be awarded to students and early careers whose abstracts have been accepted for either oral presentations or posters. Applications must be accompanied by a short statement of support and benefit from the academic sponsor or senior line manager.

Apply for a bursary*

We regret that other concessions are not available in order to allow costs to our student and early careers delegates to be kept to a minimum.

*Early Careers Bursary is limited to first ten years of education or employment


There are also opportunities to exhibit at the event with a range of combinations by size and number of exhibitors. We are delighted that the Institute of Explosives Engineers will exhibit alongside the Centre of Excellence in Energetic Materials.

Single Space 3 Metres x 2 Metres - 1 Person - £855

Double Space 6 Metres x 2 Metres - 2 Persons - £1475

Extra person for display - £350 (Maximum of 2)

Venue - Victory Services Club, Carisbrooke Hall

The conference will take place between 22nd June and 24th June 2022 at the Victory Services Club located near Marble Arch at the junction of Hyde Park, Park Lane and Oxford Street in London's West End.


A limited number of rooms have been secured at the VSC at preferential rates:

  • Double or Twin Room £156.00 for 1 person and £192.50 for 2 person, including breakfast

To book please call 020 7723 4474 Ext 1 and quote Cranfield University. Ref:735289.

If you have any queries regarding accommodation please email

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